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Facebook Pro 32-Bit

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Facebook Pro

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Facebook Pro

Facebook Pro is a program like Onlyfunctionis that lets you use social networks without your favorite browser. It is not requireinstallation, and there are a number of Facebook in the application for

(Function () {(‘ Study-Applications-site-desktop ‘);});

After launching Facebook Pro, the application will immediatelyload Facebookhomepage. The user experience is exactly what you expect: You can log in and read your wall, send private messages, status updates and change your account settings, among other features, Facebook.

Unfortunately, the program doesnt, which contains special options Addany thatimprove new usability features in social networks.

icon on the taskbar

In addition, an icon for Facebook Pro Windowstaskbar. This means that you can easily achieve Facebookeven if #39 is not a classic browser; Not very important

If you alwayswant on Facebook on the page and easily accessible from the taskbar, then Facebook Pro is the program for you.

Unfortunately, there are no big claims of fame: software is just a window launchesthe social network, and more. In addition, many resources use; During the test, it is inhabited by about 130 MB of RAM my is too much for all limitedapp.

Facebook a game room (known as arcade game Facebook) is an independent application that allows users to play games without access to the Facebook Facebook page with your browser. Players can join the games they played on the social media site and browse through the menu “play” on the other.

The proposed games are composed of genres, with other suggestions on the basis of the similarity between users ‘ favorite games. The fact that the Facebook app a game room separately does not mean that the player can save time by creating a shortcut to a favorite game than to click through to (Function () {(‘ study-Applications-site-Desktop ‘);});

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