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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Portable x64-x86 Torrent

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Portable x64-x86 Torrent

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the latest version of Konami’s popular game for Windows. Although section 2013 appears as a pro so ultion football 2012, it contains some subtle changes designed to improve the gameplay and graphics.

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Other games 2013 the year pro Evolution football is more of a manual than previous versions, making it difficult to find it as a simulation for real football, rather than the 2012 arcade-style action section. Although some elements seem to have been heavily inspired by FIFA 12, that is no bad thing.


Instead, the department rereleased on the 2012 management system of the year for the pro Soccer Evolution 2013. Developer Konami has called the new control system, PES FullControl. There are new dynamic first-contact functions, where the player holds the ball using the R2 button to gain instantaneous control of the ball.

The Pro Soccer Phone 2013 offers your own portal and manual recording is presented to the game for the first time, which allows you to change the height and strength to each one of them. FullControl also improves the Lavoglio, slows down the player speed and allows players to add different styles in their close control by using the R2 button.

System-supplied manual control settings for FullControl 2013 the year pro Evolution Soccer is certainly true to experience better games, which will delight in PAYE fans. However, beginners can always rise and play without problem.

A tactical screen has been added to the previous version and-and we still don’t know the puny. Having said that, the game’s strategy changes better because the coach appears in a small box on the corner of the screen to get high instructions when you call it.

Some parts of the year 2013 are still easy to reach. For example, always behind the untried Dreamtime with a long combo through ball/chips.


The pro Soccer, 2013 is focused on improving the player portrait, so that players in the game behave like their real counterparts — a system called “playerID” by the author. Famous players will run, spin, trap, pelt and celebrate even as they do in real life.

As for player portraits, PES 2013 is closest to the reality I saw for football matches-better than FIFA 12. Graphics for the whole year 2013 Pro Evolution football is fantastic, from costumes and slick team retail shoes.

Unfortunately, the 2013 player animation of the year pro Evolution Soccer is uneven in places. How to convert a player feels uncomfortable and unrealistic and the goalkeeper ridicule a derisory and choppy. In fact, the alleged improvements to the goalie of a previous version seem to me not to work on the total number of Calammau keepers looking more than ever!

The player hits the year 2013 the pro-Evolution machine football is very impressive; Observe how they hang themselves igračajedni to others, and how that affects your movement (freedom). However, it is still hanging behind the FIFA engine in terms of the level of this animations.


Those who were dismayed by PES 2012 will be somewhat reassured by changes to the pro Soccer Phone 2013, but there are plentyOf still space for an increase in the game.

Evolution Football deck of the year 2013 SIM is a good quality, looking great and now giving you more control than ever to play.

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